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Why are the log files on LiV Pi so large? 2 replies Software
Can I connect LiV Pi to my TV set so I have an always-on IAQ channel? 0 replies Software
Which Jabber/XMPP client software should I use if I want to connect to LiV Pi? 0 replies Software
What I2C addresses are LiV RPi I2C devices using? 0 replies Hardware
JabberXMPP client setting procedure for LiV Pi 0 replies Software
What are the GPIO numbers for the two DHT22 connectors on LiV RPi board? 0 replies Hardware
LCD screen shows "-999" value instead of real measurement value 0 replies Software
Why is LiV using Raspberry Pi and not Arduino? 0 replies FAQ - READ ONLY
access LiV intranet website from WAN 0 replies Software
Clean up LiV Measurements DB 0 replies Software
hwclock setting issues 0 replies Hardware
Forum Etiquette 0 replies LiV Pi Forum
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